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Our Group Fitness Instructors

Our team of professional certified fitness instructors are ready to motivate and encourage you to push yourself through the 45 minute to an hour class!

Shawna Thompson
Shawna has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is the consummate fitness professional. 
Her classes are always well prepared, well instructed and fun to be part of! She will ensure that you are working hard and getting the very best from your participation.
Shawna is a wonderful addition to our Group Fitness Team and is a pleasure to have here. We are positive that you will have a great class with her and enjoy the benefits of her class preparation and enthusiasm!

Hello! I'm Kelly.

 I have participated in sports all my life. When I was a child and then as a teenager, I played basketball, volleyball and practiced trampoline. Seven years ago I discovered the fitness and personal trainers world in the optic of weight loss.    It was a tool for me to get the results I wanted when I first started, however it soon became a real passion for me. Five years ago, while in France, I decided to change my professional career to be a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with the purpose of sharing this passion and to give clients an opportunity to practise sports and to help them reach their own goals. 

Lynda Reeve
Lynda's fitness class formats range from Step to Intervals to Circuits, to Stability Ball to Bosu! As a certified Zumba instructor her natural talent for dynamic and exciting classes shines through.
If that were not enough, Lynda is a certified Spinning instructor and her classes are challenging, rewarding and above all fun to be in!
Her passion and exuberance for fitness is unmistakable when you participate in any of her classes. Always eager to talk before, or after her classes. She is certainly all business during them!
Penny Perreault
Penny's passion and enthusiasm for health & fitness is evident the very first time you meet her. This infectious attitude shrines through in her classes regardless of if you are in a fitness class, participating in one of her excellent and challenging Spin classes. 
Aways up for a talk about health, fitness, or whatever else you want to discuss, Penny will oblige!
Her attention to detail in her classes ensures you are getting the most out of what she is instructing. You will quickly find out that your instructor is passionate about what she does.
When not at Better Bodies, Penny is a Life Skills Resource Room Teacher here in Whitehorse. 

Click here to view her Certifications!

Click here to view her Certifications!

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