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Better Bodies is pleased to offer 3 International Standard, glass backed squash courts for our members and drop in guests! We feature over 1900 court times per month and Better Bodies members can reserve thier courts 7 days in advance.

Setting up your SPORTYHQ Account

 1) From a WEB BROWSER go to SPORTYHQ web site (


3) Fill out the information and an activation link will be emailed to you.

4) Click on the link. Fill out the details asked for.


6) Under CLUBS select BETTER BODIES (This is required).

7)  Under ENROLLED SPORTS select SQUASH SINGLES (This is required

8) Next download the SPORTYHQ app from the APP STORE.

9) From here you can book your court at anytime from anywhere on your electric device

Squash Yukon

We are very proud to work in partnership with Squash Yukon for the development and advancement of the great sport of squash in the Yukon.

Squash Yukon is the official sports governing body for squash and its players in the Yukon and is mandated to promote the growth and development of the sport.The Squash Yukon Executive, a volunteer board comprised of seven members, works to develop and implement programs and policies aimed at promoting an environment in which players can enjoy the sport of squash and ensure its continued growth in the Yukon.

Coach G

Gyanendra (G) has a great passion for the sport of squash! He holds a Masters in Physical Education and Sports Sciences with a specialization in sports biomechanics. Gyanendra has been playing squash for more than 20 years including at the competitive national level in India.  He has more than 10 years of coaching experience in India and Kuwait and is certified with the WORLD SQUASH FEDERATION and the ASIAN SQUASH FEDERATION. 

To get a hold of coach G about lessons, drills, programs, tournaments, game arrangements, or to just simply talk all things squash click his photo above!

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