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During the hectic pace of the day, it's hard to get proper nutrition. A delicious Repz smoothie gives you that goodness with awesome taste! Remember... the perfect window of opportunity to replenish and start the rebuild process is for a protein serving within 60 minutes after your workout!

Start With:

  • Almond Milk    Skim Milk    Orange Juice    Lime Juice    Mango Juice    Berry Juice    Pineapple Juice    Water


     Whey Protein   Vegan Protein           Hemp Protein   Mass Gainer     

Pick any 3 of:

  • Banana    Kale    Squash    Strawberries    Blueberries    Mangos   Raspberries   Mixed Berries    3 Fruit Blend     Power Blend    4 Fruit Blend     Peanut Butter    Coffee/Decafe Coffee

Top it off with:

  • Creatine    BCAAs    Glutamine    Greens    

Or Ask Us About Our Signature Shakes

  • Muscle Margarita      Don Don      Lucky Penny

  • Mango Tango     The Chipper      Incredible Hulk      

  • Capital T     King Richard     Blueberry Biceps              

  • Klondike Mud     Muscle Mocha     Razzle Dazzle      

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